MLHMS Honor Society Food Drive

The MLHMS Honor Society had a successful Annual November Food Drive this year.  It ran the 1st through the 11th, and 700 items or 619 lb.s of food were donated by the students and community.  Some of our Honor Society members got to personally deliver the food to our local food bank on Tuesday, the 15th.  Thank you to the parent volunteers (Don Hamilton, Shaun Dalton, and Misty Kovacs) for helping us with transportation.  The school also had a contest between the classes and in 7th Grade, Tina Martin’s class won with 148 donations, and in 8th grade, Erik Secrist’s class won with 158.  They celebrated with donuts and juice for breakfast!  The middle school loves being a part of this annual drive and giving back to the community.  Don’t forget, the food bank is always needing donations, and turkeys are definitely needed during the holiday seasons.  They are open from 10 am to 12 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The MLHMS wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!